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  Nationwide Retirement Solutions

Nationwide - State of Florida Deferred Compensation Program

Find your local Nationwide Representative: CLICK HERE



Schwab Personal Choice Retirement Account for State of Florida Employees:  CLICK HERE

Call the Professionals to Manage Your Account...Nationwide ProAccount for State of Florida Employees: CLICK HERE

Pension Protection Act of 2006 & Defending Public Safety Employees' Retirement Act

$3,000 tax free dollars for public safety employees' health insurance premiums + age 50 exemption for public safety employees

New Laws for Exemptions Brochure 

Defending Public Safety Employees' Retirement Act

Age 50 exemption for public safety.  Here is the link with the verbiage from Congress

IAFF-Financial Corporation

Information about all retirement, insurance, mortgage and other programs available to IAFF members

IAFF-Financial Corporation resources available to you are:

Carrie Tucker
(IAFF Headquarters)

(202) 737-1155


Dan Givens
(IAFF Financial Services Field Representative & Retired City of Miami IAFF)

(305) 322-6795


We thought you should know...
International Association of Fire Fighters - Financial Corporation

Nationwide Retirement Solutions (Nationwide) offers IAFF members and their employers competitive deferred compensation programs. Nationwide pays a fee to IAFF-FC for the use of IAFF-FC’s logo and endorsement.

The IAFF-FC and Nationwide relationship was formed for the benefit of members.

IAFF-FC spent a considerable amount of time studying the types of deferred compensation plans available for public employees and employers. IAFF-FC recognized that public employees and employers have a variety of products available to select from when a city, town or county is establishing a new deferred compensation plan or is considering vendor changes with respect to an existing plan. IAFF-FC decided to look for a vendor that it felt could offer the retirement education, comprehensive investment choices and superior service public safety employees need. As a result of that effort, IAFF-FC chose to enter into a relationship with Nationwide. We realize the vendor choice is ultimately up to the employers of public safety employees, and is sometimes part of a negotiating process. However, IAFF-FC felt its efforts to provide an additional choice were important.

The relationship provides a valuable program to members.

As a result of IAFF-FC’s association with Nationwide, we believe members benefit from IAFF-FC’s ongoing evaluation of the programs. This ongoing evaluation includes: education and program enhancement suggestions tailored to the unique needs of public safety employees, providing feedback concerning member satisfaction with the programs, and educating public safety employees about the programs and the need for supplemental retirement savings.


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